WORLD'S BEST CAT LITTER 391035 Multiple Cat Clumping Litter Formula, 28-Pound

We have a two cat house. In the past we have used other brands of kitty litter (Tidy Cats, Fresh Step, and some generic brands). We finally ended up buying this brand (though bit pricier) since the other litter either did not clump, left lingering odor, or was too dusty. Since starting (about 4 years ago) to use this product we have never gone back to other litter. For us it is worth the extra cost for the benefits. No cat litter is going to completely remove odor but this one seems to do the best job for us. The other thing I like is when I fill up the box there is no dust. Cleaning out the litter and results in no dust being breathed in. I highly recommend this product. We purchase regularly for last several years at many different prices.

MopAway Hands Free Dry Mop + Bucket - Burgundy

[NOTE: the image and color is wrong for the product I bought. I used the image/product link based on what Amazon has in the ordering system for my orders. The product I bought was blue and had a different shape. Mine was blue, it DID have a pedal to wring out water. The shape looks more like this one.] I am still looking for the perfect mop for my wood floors. This one comes to close to perfect but not completely satisfied with it. The things I like about it are: (a) I can wring the water out using a pedal. (b) the mop head has lasted for several years. (c) mop head can be washed in washing machine. (d) it is easy to move mop left to right in normally mopping fashion. The things I do not like are (a) even after wringing the mop it is still a bit too wet for my taste. (b) I wish the handle was a bit longer. (c) I wish the swath of the mop head was larger. I would still recommend this product mainly because it works well and has lasted. But I suspect if I found the perfect mop I would quickly replace it. I only use water with vinegar on my wood floors. I also found that if you cannot dry a mop outside (like during winter) just balance the mop on the bucket and point a small floor fan at it. Within 3 hours or less it is dry. I purchased it for $29.00 on June 11, 2011.

The Night Before Christmas (Little Golden Book)

Last Christmas I started a tradition. Well since it has only been one Christmas it is not officially a tradition. The tradition will be that on Christmas Eve I will read this book to both kids before they go to bed. To prevent its disappearance I store the book in the same container where I store the Christmas tree. Both children enjoyed the book so I would recommend. I purchased it for $3.73 on December 15, 2013

Energizer Weather Ready Compact Rechargeable LED Light

I bought my first one (still in use) around 10 years ago. It is a very durable flashlight and the rechargeable battery life is long. My son is a good test of durability. He has used it many many times and has not broken it. The product description says "Automatically turns on when power goes out." Not sure if that is true or not. Possibly the one I bought a year ago did not have that feature at that time. Possibly I do not have it on the right setting. But when the power has gone out I do not remember it turning on by itself. But since I keep it in the kitchen in the same place (and one downstairs) I always know where to find it in the dark. If I ever had to buy another flashlight I would without hesitation this flashlight. I love it. It has a low and high beam. I purchased my second one for $9.51 on November 16, 2013.

Westcott iPoint Ball Pencil Sharpener, 6.5 X 3 X 6 Inches Red/Black (15570)

Before I bought this product I reviewed lots and lots of other non-manual pencil sharpener. I ended up buying this and I think it was a good purchase. This sharpener has passed my son' durability tests (thankfully ;). I really like this sharpener and my kids are able to use it. The only difficult thing is when you sharpen you must hold the ball and press down firmly with the pencil for it to get sharpened. If you insert the pencil the sharpener will spin but not sharpen. So some mild force is needed. Cleaning is simple. Remove the grey tray, dump contents, and reseat tray. Non-rechargable battery life seems to be good. I have not had to replace the battery since it was purchased. The only issue I have had is sometimes a piece of lead gets stuck in the blade which results in nothing getting sharpened. Simple repair is to remove the tray and use small knife/screwdrive to dislodge the broken lead. I recommend this product. I purchased it for $9.94 on November 16, 2013. Update on 12/6/2015: Still love the sharpener but over the last 6 months it is regularly getting blocked by lead. Update on 12/20/2015: Well I finally got annoyed by the blades getting blocked with lead. I ended up buying the electric School Smary Vertical Pencil Sharpener {School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener}.

School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener, 6 x 4 Inches, Electric


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