Zing Sky Ripperz, Triple Pack

I ended buying this product to replace a rocket my son lost. He was using his friends and shot one of the rockets where we could not find it. So I bought this to replace the rocket my son lost. Overkill, I admit. But the other boy loved his toy. Before I got home from work my 5 year old son was outside zinging his rockets around. They make a cool whistling sound as they rocket through the air. It looked like so much fun I begged my son to let me try it. I shot it a few times and found it fun as heck. So I would say this is a great product. The shooter and rockets are quality made. The only thing to keep in mind is you will lose one or two rockets. You can keep the range down to within 25 feet but most kids will probably do the max and hence lost rockets. So I would recommend this product. I purchased it for $13.42 on June 30, 2014.

Minecraft - Xbox 360

What can I say that others have not said about this game. For an adult it may seem quite mundane and silly. But for my 8 year old daughter it is her primary pleasure. She first saw the game when visiting her cousins. When we got home she kept begging me for it. After a month or two I decided to purchase it. At first I bought the PC version of the game since I did not want to invest in an Xbox. Then for the next year she played the PC game and read a book about Minecraft. Then at some point both my son and daughter kept asking me for an Xbox. I kept telling them there was no reason for the Xbox since there are so many free web based games. My daughter kept saying she wanted an Xbox and Minecraft for Xbox. She said "can you buy it for my birthday?" I asked what if we bought the Xbox instead of throwing a (normally expensive) birthday party for her. She agreed. So I ended up buying the Xbox 360 E 250GB Holiday Value Bundle with an extra controller and the Minecraft game. One of the ways my daughter learns about Minecraft is by watching the youtube videos by stampylongnose, ballisticsquid, and amy lee 33. I would say that Minecraft for Xbox is much better than the PC game. It seems to have added features and functionality that the PC version does not provide. I would recommend this product. I have not seen any kid that has not liked playing it. I purchased it for $19.99 on June 30, 2014.

Motorola Vehicle Power Adapter micro-USB Rapid Rate Charger

I ended up buying this product as a replacement for my other car phone charger which broke. I am not sure why I ended up buying this one but I am glad that I did. The main reason I like it is because it has a little clip that keep the cord from dangling on the floor. This prevents it from accidentally getting in the way of my feet when driving. Not that this happened very often with the last charger but it had the potential. It also has a cool blue light that reminds me of the Batman call signal. I would recommend this product because it works, has the cord clip, and has a rather reasonable price. I purchased it for $9.06 on April 29, 2014.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum (NV352)

I ended up buying this because I had so many vacuums that never were quite perfect. Either they were too heavy, too loud, hose not long enough, too difficult to push, not versatile enough. I bought one of the first generation Shark rechargeable floor vacuums about 10 years ago. I loved that product but eventually (maybe after 6 months) the battery would not charge and it had some other problem. But for the price and for ease of use I loved Shark products. For the next 10 or so years more Shark products came out and none of them seemed to strike my fancy and I was a bit leary since my previous experience was good but I thought their quality was poor. My mom (who lives with me) needed a vacuum and I recommended a few to her. She ended up buying the Shark I am reviewing. I was quite upset and thought she was foolish to have bought the shark. I never used hers and kept using my Sears vacuum. Long story short. I used hers a few times (after she had it around 2-3 years) and was quite surprised. I can be a bit stubborn. So I ended up buying one for myself. It is small, quieter than most, strong suction, has a long enough hose for reaching, and does a great job. I can vacuum our floor in about 10 minutes without much sweat. With my Sears vacuum it took much longer and I was normally sweating when done. Only drawback is it does accumulate hair around the brusher, but that only needs cutting out maybe twice a year. Based on my mom' Shark and reviews I ended up not buying the newest model of this Shark. This one does a great job at a pretty good price. I put my perfectly good Sears vacuum on the sidewalk with a Free sign on it. update: Our cord got damaged when someone closed the Shark while the cord was was in the place where the floor brush extends and closes. I purchased it for $159.00 on April 20, 2014.

Char-Broil 26,500 BTU 2-Burner Gas Grill, 280 Square Inch

I bought this one as a replacement for the first generation of this product. My first one lasted 10 years and would still be in use if a tree branch had not fallen on it and broke it. My grilling needs are rather simple so I do not need a large fancy high end with high BTUs to cook for my small family. I did look at slightly more expensive grills at Home Depot and Lowes. For the price of the mid range grills and what I needed it seemed silly to buy more than I needed. The benefit of buying at Home Depot or Lowes is you can buy one already assembled. This is great since assembling a grill can be a real pain and time consuming. I did find a grill around the same price at Lowes (assembled) but the quality was really poor and it felt cheap. Since I am a bit thrifty I decided to order the next generation of the same grill I had before from Amazon. It took me about 3 hours to assemble it. The assembly itself was easy but the instructions are not very clear. It was hard to identify parts. It was also hard to figure out which direction a piece was to be attached. When I went to attach the grill lid I realized the parts did not line up. So I had to take apart some of the grill to flip the directions of two pieces. So the assembly was a bit tough. In hindsight not sure it was worth the time? Maybe I should have paid $100 or so more to get an assembled grill. I have used the grill 4 times since I assembled it. I can say I like it for the most part. The only thing I do not like is you tend to hear the flames blowing around (normally when windy). I do not think this is dangerous, just a bit unsettling since I worry the wind might blow the flame out with the gas on. Very unlikely but I am also a bit of a worry wart. The other thing is the electronic starter does not seem to work until the gas has been on for a long time. So I get worried too much gas might build up before ignition. Again, unlikely, but a worry. However not too many electronic igniters work very well from talking to my friends. They all tend to break or not work properly. Most people turn on the gas and use a match to light their grill. So overall I am pleased with this grill and pleased with the price. I also like that it is not too big so it fits perfectly on my back patio. I have come up with a new way of lighting the grill that works perfectly. I light a birthday candle, place it inside the grill near the burners, turn on gas on the tank, turn on gas to the grill, and within 5 seconds it ignites. I then retrieve the candle with tongs. I purchased it for $94.96 on April 20, 2014.


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