Intex 55501 Underwater Fun Ring, 4-Piece

I bought this for my son to use at the pool. He is still learning to swim and this helps occupy his time in the pool. I read the Amazon reviews which gave it a 4 out of 5 stars. We wait each year to use the local pool with our August only pass. Today is August 1st and we were excited to go. Both my son and daughter played with these for about 20 minutes today. I would throw them and they would retrieve them. On occasion they would throw them to me to catch. One of them I caught and on hitting my hand it broke. About 5 minutes later they threw another one that landed on the pool deck and broke. Please see image of where they broke. The product does work well since after it sinks it stands on end so it easier for a child to reach down and grab. I liked that part of the product. Even though the product broke they are still usable since the white (heavy part) is still attached. However if it breaks on the other side of the white then it will be useless since they will not likely sink. The other thing I like about the product is you can write with permanent marker on the white section. We wrote in our last name. I purchased this product July 22, 2014 for $6.25.

Play Visions Crayola Bath Dropz 3.59 oz,60 TABLETS

I bought this product for bathtime play. Both my 5 and 8 year old love the product. They are particularly useful to get your child to take their bath. We say "do you want take a bath and you can pick out the color?" Not once have we been unpleased with the result. One or both of them are in the bath within seconds. The only concern I had with this product was regarding irritation. Both of them have submerged their heads and got the colored water in their eyes. They have not had a problem with any irritation. Typically they want to use multiple colors at once which ends up with a dark purplish water color. Besides the thrill of changing the water color they like how they fizz. I bought this product June 12, 2014 for $9.99 for a pack of 2.

LEGO Green Building Plate (10" x 10")

My son is a LEGO addict. He started building at 4 years old. He started out with around 150 35 year old LEGOs that I used as a child. Since then his collection has grown. This product tries to solve the problem of building "creations [that] will hold together and be easy to transport and display." I would say this almost solves the problem. The plate is much thinner than a normal LEGO brick and tends to flex too easily for reiable transport. It seems to me that the LEGO bricks do not "click" into the base plate as well as they should. My son gets frustrated sometimes using it because of these two deficiencies. My son is glad he has them (total of 2) but they did not meet my expectations. My only other complaint is they should come in larger sizes. 10inx10in is not very large. I bought this product April 30, 2014 for $4.99.

Greenies Feline Pill Pockets Chicken 1.6oz

Years ago my cat needed to take some medicine. The veterinarian sent me home with pills and said hide them in his food. Yeah, right!! I tried this and not once did he eat the pill. He did eat his food. So I had to force the pill down his throat. This is not a pleasent experience for either party. At some point I brought this problem up with my co-worker and she immediately said get Greenies. I got some and the rest of the pill taking was a breeze. Occasionally the cat will eat the pocket and not the pill. Normally this happens when he is not hungry so he takes too much time to eat the pill pocket. The fix for this is just to wait an hour or so and try again. Simple to use: Insert pill into pocket and use your fingers to round the pocket into a ball, then place pill pocket on floor. My cat has needed a daily pill for the last 1 and a half years. These pill pockets have saved my life and literally saved my cats life. I bought this product March 23, 2014 for $6.20.

Vitafusion Sleep Well Gummy Sleep Support, 60 Count (Pack of 2)

I bought this product because it contains melatonin. The pediatrician specified to buy melatonin for our child to help him sleep. They did not specify this particular product. We initially bought this at CVS (our store no longer stocks it). We needed it since our son could not sleep if he had a nap during the day. So he ended up staying up until very late which was not good for him. We use this product less often than we did since my son is taking less naps lately. This product does work 100% for my son. It normally makes him tired within 30-60 minutes. We usually give him half of a gel tablet (tear with your teeth). [disclaimer: Do not give this to your child unless your have asked the guidance of your child' pediatrician.] I bought this product numerous times in 2013 and 2014 for $13.38 (pack of 2).


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