23" Childrens Toy Pink Acoustic Guitar

The key word in the product description is "toy." That is what it is. It is very unlikely any quality sound will come out of this instrument. We had two strings break (comes with extra strings). The strings never stay tight and they tend to be spongy. I thought this might provide some ability to practive a note or two. But No. However for a toy it is quite good and it seems to withstand a lot of use by both of my kids. So if your intention is to give your child an imagination toy this is probably good. But if you want an imagine toy as well as an ability to maybe play a few chords this is NOT what you want. You are probably better off going to a music store and paying 60-80 bucks for something of quality. The only other postive note is it is small so it fits will for a younger person maybe under 7-8 years of age. We got this product as a gift 2013.

Tangle Teezer Hair Brush, Pink Fizz

This is a great product for children with knotty hair. It seems to pull out knots relatively easily and with little pain on my daughter. My daughter has long straight hair. Unure how it would perform on curly hair. Using other combs and brushes on hair tended to evoke more "ows" than this brush. I purchased this product February 13, 2015 for $8.00.

Mark My Time Book Mark and Digital Timer (2 pack)

Seems like a good idea but it is not. I see no reason why a child needs a timer on their bookmark to keep track of how much time they have read. By the time they can read they can also tell time off normal clocks. In addition bookmarks are things kids lose. Not to mention they may read other books in parallel. So I recommend just get them some cheap paper bookmarks and monitor their reading activity. Though I suppose their may be some kids that may benefit from this especially if they are well organized and like to keep to a schedule. For my children this is not a viable solution. I got this as a gift January 14, 2015 for $14.71.

Memorex MKS-SS2 SingStand 2 Home Karaoke System

This product is a winner. Both my daughter and son (mainly daughter) love this. The speaker can be soft to loud and at high output the quality of sound is good. It has an attachment that lets you strap in a phone or table so you can sing to songs off the phone/table. I believe you can plug your phone/tablet directly into the device and have that play over the speaker. We do not use the full range of inputs/outputs this device has (read the description on Amazon). It is not top heavy and the strap does a good job of keeping the device strapped in. I purchased this product December 13, 2014 for $58.31.

Lego Building Accessories BRICK SEPARATOR

I wish they had these when I was a kid. My son is a LEGO building master. He spends hours on end with LEGOs. Whenever he cannot disconnect pieces I use this and within seconds the parts are apart. My son also uses it when his nails give up. Your child will probably not use this every time they need it but when they or you need it you will be glad you have it. I purchased this product December 1, 2014 for $5.10.


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